Premium 2000

Since 1995, Premium 2000+™ has provided the medium and heavy-duty used truck industry aftermarket warranties that protect truck owners against catastrophic, major component failure costs that could threaten their livelihood. Now one of the largest used truck independent warranty providers in North America, Premium 2000+'s growth has been fueled by introducing new coverages like the industry's first aftertreatment option and by offering affordable truck powertrain coverage options that fit your business and your budget.

The Claims Department employs experienced and certified diesel mechanics and technicians. Their job is to assist truck owners and drivers with mechanical failures.

We work with claimants and repair facilities to get the impaired truck back on the road as quickly and courteously as possible. Millions of dollars are spent monthly to assure trucks are repaired properly, and the facilities doing the repairs are adequately and promptly paid for their work.

Component coverages encompass all makes and models of commercial trucks and their powertrain critical components. Programs are available for the entire spectrum of commercial vehicles and those who handle this type of equipment.

Manufacturers, new and used truck dealers, finance companies, service, and repair centers, vehicle auctions, and more, are using Premium 2000+™ to protect their sizable investment. Premium 2000+™ has become the world's largest provider of aftermarket mechanical breakdown coverages for the commercial truck marketplace.

Benchmark Warranty

Premium 2000 +™ has become the largest used heavy duty truck, point-of-sale independent Warranty provider in North America.

We have combined the most affordable truck powertrain coverages with knowledgeable and courteous claims administration to provide the best experience possible when acquiring warranty coverage or suffering through a major component breakdown. So, rather than leave your financial future to chance when you buy a pre-owned truck, for a few extra dollars protect yourself against catastrophic, major component, failure costs that could threaten your livelihood.

PACCAR MX Engine & Aftertreatment Warranty

Coverage for one of the most critical parts of your business: Your Paccar MX Engine.

Investing in the Premium 2000+™ Warranty for your MX engine, aftertreatment, and other components may help protect your business from sudden repair costs. This warranty ensures that if a mechanical problem occurs, Premium 2000+™ will get you back on the road as quickly as possible, so you can make that critical delivery.

Ask Our Sales Representative About a Premium 2000+™ Warranty when you purchase your truck!